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    Tecnologías Aplicadas del Maíz, S.L. has been manufacturing and developing automatic popcorn vending machines through hot air, without oils nor added greases for more than 25years.

    We still remember the big success obtained by the first popcorn machine, “Baby Corn";

    It was working with natural corn and salt was added later. After several analyses without obtaining the wished result, TAM, S.L. was concentrated in the development and evolution of the flavoring of the corn and the updating of the latest Technology for its machines.

    TAM, S.L. is pioneer and responsible of its own activities of Investigation and development, providing of first materials, production and commercialization of the machines, spare parts and consumables, from its central headquarters to its all distributors worldwide.

    All machines are working with hot air. When they arrive to the cocking temperature, in only 85 seconds, the corn explodes and is becoming big size popcorn, crusty and with an irresistible flavor. There are no needed other additives or ingredients (oils, greases...) for the production process of the popcorn, becoming a natural and healthy Snack.

    Tecnologias Aplicadas del Maíz S.L.

    C/Ensija,34 - Pol. Ind. St. Isidre - 08272 Sant Fruitós de Bages

    BARCELONA (Spain)

    TEL +34 93 877 24 45 - +34 677 42 42 42

    FAX +34 878 71 23  -